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Coil Feeders and Straighteners

We are amongst the trusted manufacturers actively indulged in providing superb quality range of Coil Feeders and Strengtheners like Coil Feeders, Motorized Decoilers and Coil Strengtheners. These products are developed in compliance with predefined industrial quality standards using highest quality components and latest techniques.

Pneumatic FeederGet Quotation

Press Feeder to meet new competitive challenges in Speed/Accuracy/Reliability/Longer life with an intense market research & practical experience in metal stamping based on regular market interaction. We have brought a range of Pneumatic Feeders to suit your exact requirement & application.

Working on customer relations management theory, we offer a complete package of problem solving solution. Our field experience staff can help in setting your complete line & can guide you to select the perfect equipment & tooling.

Jay Shanti Air Feeders  made from special alloy aluminium and are developed in a modular way for automatic feeding of metallic & non-metallic strips including paper, plastic, fiber, wires, tubing, extruded material.

Technically advanced design, selection of finest material, combined with strict quality control manufacturing, has resulted in most reliable air feeds for Indian Tough Condition.

Special Features:

• Accuracy ± 0.02mm to ± 0.04mm achieved in proper working conditions
• Built in pilot release arrangement
• 100% Additional Performance



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NC Servo FeederGet Quotation

Press Room in their endure to bring latest technology for feeder, have brought NC Servo Roll feeder technology for presses in year 2001. Today with installation in various part of country to handle strip width from 100 mm to 1250 mm & thickness from 0.1 mm to 12.00 mm fully programmable units have be interlinked with small / medium / large presses.

Various models have been manufactured & following standards models are available in short deliveries.

Features of NC Servo Roll Feeder

Servo System Features:
  • Precision incremental Optical Encoder (In built) to provide velocity & position loop feed back
  • Hardened Terminal : Easy-to-read solid state Interface Terminal display area with a backlit 4 line display, sealed membrane keypad with tactile feedback
  • Batch counting : The operator chooses the number of parts to make and the Interface Terminal will display a message when the count is reached. Up to 999,999
  • Advanced Feed-Angle Monitoring : Continually monitors the feed-angle and the material position
  • Compact electronic Control Enclosure with built-in Operation Panel that can be easily adapted for press mounting or used as a freestanding console
Additional Features:
  • Accuracy to ± 0.025mm roll position is achieved through, closed-loop servo control and precision gearing
  • Smoother feeder operations with controlled acceleration profiles
  • Up to 99 parts can be pre-programmed by part number, each having unique length, feed rate, acceleration and jerk configuration
  • Multiple cycle choices-feed before press, press before feed, or intermittent operations - allow the user to set up the roll feed specific to his needs
  • Input Power: 230/ 415V, 3 Phase
Accessories & Options:
  • Programmable Rotary Limit Switch for Setting of the Safe Feed and Pilot Release Windows, with digital crank rotation position and Press Speed Indicator
  • Adjustable Pilot Release Cam Pin for mounting to press ram
  • Pneumatic / mechanical / servo roll release for pilot release
  • Proximity sensor to initiate feed cycle instead of limit switch
  • Screw Adjustable/ Hydraulic Jack Press Mounting Bracket
  • Remote Pendant with Forward and Reverse Jog Push Buttons
  • Additional measuring wheel on strip for measurement

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Motorized DecoilerGet Quotation

* Rigid Fabricated Structure
* Three / Four Self Centering Coil-location jaws with mechanical gear reducer for models above 2.5 Tonne
* The Spindle & Coil holding heads housed in mechanical & precised machined housing & rotates on dust proofed sealed  bearing element
* All motorized decoilers are chain driven soft start & stop through mechanical torque limiter & friction drag brake
* Drive System : A.C. Fixed Speed /A.C. Variable Speed (optional)
* Control Panel with Suitable loop control system to maintain loop of coil for the machine via Antenna Type loop sensors / limit arm through limit Switches / Photo-sensors


* All units are available in non motorized version with drag brake
* Electro Magnetic / Pneumatic Brakes
* Coil hold-down (hydraulic / pneumatic ) for springy materials
* Hydraulic Jaws Expansion
* Decoilers with Shafting & Key to load bobbin
* Limit arm through limit Switches/Photo sensors
* Other Special features on request

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Spray Lubricating System from DieTronic, ItalyGet Quotation
For over 13 years, the Dietronic SRL company has been dealing with the controlled lubrication of sheet metal. The evolving technology of lubricants used in metal forming, has led our company to develop customized solutions for every need.

Our products are divided into:

  • Sectoral lubrication systems (so-called SAGOMA)

  • Partial electronic lubrication systems - LCP EJ Series
  • Electrical lubrication systems EPC series
  • Lubrication systems with felt or rubber rollers for high viscosity
  • Point lubrication systems with automatic valves for spraying

The need for solutions that are more environmentally friendly has allowed us to develop systems that can optimize the application of lubricant to the plate with a huge reduction in fuel consumption, and consequently to benefit from all the critical consequences caused by excessive application of lubricant in the production cycle after deformation.

In addition, the advantages of uniform, constant and repeatable application has raised the standard of quality of the final product, while at the same time reducing the energy levels needed for the realization of the molded part.

In the field of metal forming, application and type of lubricant used are important factors, as well as the quality of the finished piece for a reduction of wear of the molds, which is a very critical factor in this application.

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Total Solutions in Coil Feed LinesGet Quotation
Our product range includes a wide range of compact decoiler cum straightener with pneumatic feeder, cradle type decoiler cum straightener with nc servo feeder, press feeding line for deep draw press, high speed press feeding line and nc servo roll feeder.

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Motorized StraightenerGet Quotation

* The units are fabricated from steel and the straightener rolls are properly fixed and aligned in machine and ground housing
* One/Two sets of drive pinch rolls are provided as required
* All the feed Rolls & Bottom Rolls are driven, while Top Rolls have individual adjustments
* All the Rolls are made of Special Alloy Steel Material Hardened, Ground, Chrome plated & are housed into precision needle bearing sealed at both ends
* Upper straightening rolls are independently adjustable and once set, gang adjustment can be done for repeat operations
* Gang adjustment of top roller blank for straightener with more number of rolls & for straightener of lesser thickness range
* Roll setting scale on side plates/Dial gauges in some models
* Entry Guides
* Exit cascade rolls
* Control Panel with Suitable loop control system to maintain loop of coil for the machine via Antenna Type loop Controls / limit arm through limit Switches
* Fixed line speed / Variable line speed above 15 Mtr. / min


* A.C. variable driven coil straightener are available on request
* Ultrasonic / photoelectric loop controls
* Remote pendant control (jog forward / reverse)
* Decoiler - Straightener mounting on common base
* Inclined head mounting
* Centralized lubrication system
* For heavier thickness range, pinch rolls are operated pneumatically / hydraulically
* Openable top straightener head blank mechanically or with   
   Pneumatic / Hydraulic Cylinder

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Horizontal Decoiler or Pallet DecoilerGet Quotation
The horizontal decoiler or Pallet Deociler has been designed to be loaded with two to ten coils by pallet, depending upon their width.

It is versatile machine that handles most press, roll forming, and wire forming applications.

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Compact Type Decoiler Cum StraightenerGet Quotation

Compact Decoiler Cum Straightener for Press feed equipments

The system comprises of Single Spindle Decoiler along with driven Straightener mounted ahead of it. The feature of the system is that as the are mounted on same base structure, the alignment with respect to each other saving space & installation time.

Available in various models with fixed speed / A. C. variable speed & having loop control system to synchronize with Press-Feeding Speed along with control panel.

The decoiler & straightener heads are selected from our standard range to offer modularity & fast deliveries still maintain the quality levels of individual equipments.

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Cut to Length LineGet Quotation

PRESS ROOM AUTOMATION cut-to-length lines are sheet metal forming lines for strip material. The strip material is transferred from the coil, levelled, cut-to-length and stacked. By combining components according to our customers' specific production requirements we design customized lines that provide optimum production capacity. All functions can be controlled centrally and, if required, entered or controlled via monitor.

Cut-to-length lines are designed and built according to your special requirements. Based on our customers' input, a team of highly-qualified PRESS ROOM AUTOMATION employees develops and designs a line concept that offers the most economical solution while achieving an increase in production and a higher product quality.


Standard Features:

  • Decoiler with Hydraulic Jaw Expansion along with Coil Car. (Decoiler from our Standard range for smaller width lines).
  • Hydraulic Snubber / Peeler / Prepinch.
  • Straightener / Precision Straightener with optional Hydraulic Pinch & Openable Head. 4 Hi or 6 Hi Leveller availbale on request as per line requirement
  • NC Servo Feeder
  • Shear (Pneumatic / Hydraulic / Mechanical / Servo)
  • Support Table
  • Electrical Control Panel
  • Power Pack
  • Stacker


  • Material thickness ranging from 0,05 mm to 3 mm.
  • Maximum strip width 1500 mm
  • Maximum sheet length 5000 mm
  • Tensile strength 700 N/mm2

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    Slitting LineGet Quotation
    PRESS ROOM AUTOMATION Slitting Lines are designed to perform exceeding top quality standards in slitting of metal strips.

    The materials processed in PRESS ROOM AUTOMATION slitting lines are:
    • aluminum,
    • copper and brass
    • stainless steel
    • carbon steel


    • Coil Weight up to 5 tons
    • Width up to 600 mm
    • Lines for Thicknesses ranging from 0.05 to 2 mm
    • Average annual through put up to 10,000 tons
    • Strip speeds of up to 50 m/min

    Advantages for your in-house production plan

    • High output / throughput by means of rigorous tooling time minimisation and high production speeds.
    • High level of cutting accuracy by means of high-precision knife shaft bearings.
    • Burr-less cuts and high number of cuts at the slitting shears with minimum deflection of the cutter shaft.
    • High level of line availability and long lifespan by means of exclusive use of select components of renowned manufacturers.
    • Affordable solution for in-house slitting requirements.
    • Low Inventory carry cost for Raw Material.
    • On-site service available by our specialists.
    • One-stop shop for customised system solutions including line automation.
    • Flexible line design as per customer requirements and use of experiences of other customers.

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    Zig Zag Servo FeederGet Quotation
    Designed for blanking out circles, zig/zag servo feeds can be programmed to perform from two to multiple rows / pattern, typically saving at least 8% in material costs.

    • The feed head is mounted on a base with linear bearing and rails
    • Coil Width from 100 mm - 1300 mm.
    • Zig/zag base is incorporated into main cabinet to allow for pass line height adjustments of 100 mm from the mean.
    • Travel of zig/zag is servo driven on a ball screw.


    • All zig/zag motion is programmable through the main control.



    • Accuracy is ± 0.15 mm.



    • Blanking pattern is calculated based on circle diameter and stock width.



    • Standard Mitsubishi Servo, Drive, PLC & HMI Package is provided Others on request.


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    Slitting Line from Faspar, ItalyGet Quotation
    Company FASPAR was founded in 1961 and, originally named FASANI & PARINI s.n.c., it started to produce punching and drawing tools for metal sheet processing. FASANI & PARINI s.n.c. develops also the necessary enslavements for the building and the starting of complete plants, suitable for its customers (uncoilers, straightener machines, advancers, transfert, stamp change systems…).

    In 1981 the firm’s requirements need a new configuration and structure so FASPAR Spa was born. 

    FASPAR Spa  are renowned for producing quality slit coils and packs without damaging the surface finish or edges.

    FASPAR coil process lines are among the best in the world for:-

    • Slitting lines
    • Levelling & Cut-to-length lines
    • Surface finishing lines
    • Tension leveller lines
    • Feeding & Pressing / Punching lines
    • Sandwich panel lines
    Slitting Line

    Types of Material:
    • Steel, Stainless steel, silicon steel, aluminium , non-ferrous materials and alloys.
    • Cold rolled, hot rolled, pickled, surface treated.

    Material Surfaces

    • Dry or oiled, lacquered, hot-dip galvanised or electro galvanised, aluminized.
    • Material strengths of above 1400 N/mm2 and yield limit up to 1000 N/mm2.

    Benefits you will achieve with Faspar

    • High productivity and output by consistent reduction of setting times and high production speed.
    • True dimension of blanks and slit strips in length, width and angularity.
    • Minimum burr cutting process with clean cutting edges.
    • High winding accuracy when rewinding the strips to edge aligned coils.
    • Most careful treatment to protect strip surfaces.
    • Perfect levelling results of sheets and strips.
    • Best stacking accuracy by application of most suitable stacking system.
    • High line availability and life time by integration of high quality components of renowned manufacturers only.
    • Low maintenance costs.
    • Individual, custom tailored complete solutions for your finishing lines.

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    Mechanical Roll FeederGet Quotation
    Mechanical Roll Feeders are one of the most familiar feeding unit to feed material to the press. Mount the adjustable eccentric to the end of the crankshaft to provide a fixed 180 degree angle. Feed rolls clamp the material while a one-way clutch, connected to the eccentric, feeds the stock. Feed Rolls and Shaft are Precision Ground Standard Features Include : 

    - An adjustable mounting transition bracket with jack screw for changing pass line height 
    - Hardened and adjustable roller stock edge guides 
    - Two piece eccentric with vernier and micrometer adjustment 
    - Entry Cascade Rollers support coil stock

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    Roller Lubricating SystemGet Quotation

    Roller Lubrication System

    A Right Lubricating System plays a very important role in any metal forming application. Roller lubricating system are designed to lubricate coil / strip & Die irresctive of type and thickness of material. They can accommodate any material movement (speed), crown, camber or even unstraightened stock.

    Roller Lubricating System are designed in modular way and have similar features between smallest unit to largest units. Due to modular design sizes uptill 1800mm can be build irrespective of material, speed, thickness. They are available in 3 basic models.

    Applications :

    • Punching
    • Stamping
    • Fine Blanking
    • Deep Drawing
    • Roll Forming
    • Cold Extrusion
    • Application of Rust Preventives and Other Proactive Coatings
    • Multi-Slides
    • Punching / Forming.

    Benefits :

    • Reduced Oil Consumption 
    • Increased Die Life
    • Improved Part Quality
    • Increased Production Rates
    • Decreased Part Cleaning
    • Cleaner Work Area
    • Lower Maintenance than any other system
    • Fluid Recycling
    • Less Fluid Management Concerns

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    Cradle Type Decoiler Cum StraightenerGet Quotation
    In coil cradle instead of expandable mandrel the coil is placed on driven rollers with adjustable side plates for centering. The side plates are optionally provided with side rollers for prevention of damage in sides for delicate coils.

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    Component LevellerGet Quotation
    In the range of sheet metal coil feeding automation, Press Room has been redefining the industry standards & have brought out precision levellers for straightening of coils, strips, components, sheets.

    Why Press Room Levellers are your Profitable Decision.

    • Field Experience of more than 20 years
    • Proper Engineering & Design
    • Correct Manufacturing process 
    • Rigid frame work 
    • Proper material selection &  machined to highest dimensional accuracy 
    • Right rollers material & right process of manufacturing 
    • Best machine rigidity requiring no special foundation 
    • Easy access to parts for  cleaning & maintenance
    • Proper operator training 
    • Trained field  technicians to support you for service & application application 
    • Ease of parts/spares availability 
    • Single Person handling 
    • Free test trials for your components at our test lab.

    Application of parts Levelling 
    • Control panels 
    • Furniture panels
    • Saw blade blanks
    • Clutch plates
    • Brake plates
    • CNC Turet punch parts

    Standard Features : 

    * Four-high design 
    * Manually adjustable back-up rolls 
    * Small work rolls, hardened/ground/polished 
    * All Straightening rolls are Powerd 
    * Integral universal geared drive 
    * Dial guage roll position indicator 
    * Oil bath gear case, sealed roll bearings positive lubrication 
    * Bolted rugged main frame in one torque resisting assembly 
    * Main drive motor for 440V, 3ph, 50 cycle 
    * Run, Jog-Reverse, Stop” controls, Fusible disconnect
    * Automatic central lubrication of work roll bearings 
    * Adjustable side guide 
    * Straightening accuracy ± 0.01 to 0.05 is achieved
    * Depending on input component conditions, Raw material & hardness, roll setting, thickness variation of components 
    * 17/19/21 Straightening rolls 
    * Straightening roll diameter from 8mm to 200 mm to cover a wide range of jobs

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    NC Leveller FeederGet Quotation
    Heavy duty coil feeding lines for Press Feed equipments.

    * Uncoiler with manually / hydraulic jaw expansion and variable drive & loop control system
    * Straightening and Feed Rolls hardened and hard chrome plated
    * Roll Baskets along with threading table to assist and support the threading of coil material
    * Hydraulic / Pneumatic Hold-down Snubber and Peeler for threading is available on request
    * Optional Coil Car is available on request
    * Coil Width Guide Manual / Automatic
    * Models uptill 1300 mm Width and Thickness uptill 8.0 mm is available on request
    * Feed Height adjustment is provided
    * Coil Tip Flattener roller is available on request
    * Standard Mitsubishi Servo Motor, Drive, PLC & HMI Package is provided, others on request

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    Part ConveyorGet Quotation
    Part Conveyors are simple, compact, modular, accurate reliable pneumatic gadget to remove components, sligs, shaving, pinching scrap from the bottom of the Die.They are belt-less conveyors and they transport the pieces with a shaking tray motion. A part customized tray fixed on the standard body with to & fro motion. The linear motion moves tray slowly forward and then quickly backwards. This motion pushes the components & scrap outside Die area into container.
    Though it operates on compressed air, the consumption of air is very low and they cost very less compared to :-

    (a) Manual handling and 
    (b) Motorized belt conveyors

    A. Compared to manual unloading it has following advantages :

    Safe operations 
    • Die and operator safety 
    • Elimination of operator fatigue for removing parts 
    • Systematic separational of parts and scraps 
    • Eliminated additional manpower 
     Pay - back period is less then 1 year. 

    B. Compared to motorized conveyors, it has following advantages :- Replacement cost of belts, conveyors, bearings, justifies this low cost part Transporter on the conventional belt conveyors.

    It separates each element scrap, part and in larger models two or more customized traya can be used to separate each element coming out from punching. This saves additional investment cost. Two/Three trays in parallel or one above another can separate the element for most cleaner operation. 

    When to use :- There are four major areas where the Part Transporter will outperform a conveyor
    • If there is very little headroom in die 
    • When working with verythin material 
    • If the slugs are heavy or sharp
    • When die lubricants attack conveyor belts

    Additional Application :- Today Part Transporter is replacing conventional belt conveyor in assembly type operations to move parts.

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    Mechanical Gripper FeederGet Quotation

    Mechanical Gripper Feeder are perfect solutions for feeding strips on medium / high speed pressure.

    Standard features

    • Round guides with Linear ball bushings.
    • Capability to mount to any type of press.
    • Transmission through bevel gear box and cardian shaft from the press.
    • Lubrication oiling by grease nipple.
    • Accuracy of +/- 0.05mm with mechanical pilot synchronisation
    • Easy setting of pitch length.
    • All adjustments are easily reachable.
    • Quick opening of the gripper for the strip insertion.
    • Release of the fixed gripper for die piloting in order to obtain & accurate positioning at high speed.
    • Adjustment for various thickness by means f knuckled knobs placed at the upper part of the feed.
    • Standard transmission for speeds uptill 300 strokes per minute including gear box, transmission shaft and rubber coupling.
    • Mounting stand bracket.
    • Cascade roll basket.

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    Industrial Plants & MachineryGet Quotation
    Leading Manufacturer of pull through wire straightener and pull through wire straightener for rectangular section from Thane.

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    S-Loop with Precision StraightenerGet Quotation
    S-Loop Precision Straightener is used for High Speed Stamping Presses for Electrical Motor Stamping.

    S-Loop Precision Straightener is precision equipment for achieving higher degree of flatness.

    Each Straightening Rolls have a set of backup rolls for prevention of roll deflection. They normally  are used on High Speed Pressure and have variable drive with loop control. 

    The control panel with A.C. frequency variable drive would control the feeding at high speed with a proper loop.

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    Zig Zag Pneumatic FeederGet Quotation
    Designed for blanking out diameters, pneumatic zig/zag can be adjusted to perform from two blanks, typically saving of 6% in material costs.

    The feeder to feed strip is mounted on a pneumatic zig zag feeding mechanism
    Coil Width from 100 mm – 300 mm & Thickness from 0.5 – 2.00 mm
    Pneumatic zig zag feeding mechanism mounted on a rigid bas has a settable indexing for blanking double  row using single station tool
    Pneumatic Zig Zag Feeder is provided with pass line height adjustments of 100 mm from the mean
    The Feeder & zig zag feeding mechanism is synchronized with Pneumatics & Electronic Panel & necessary Sensors & End Cushions for smoother Zig Zag indexing with the Press.
    Accuracy is ± 0.15 mm

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    Precision StraightenerGet Quotation

    A Precision Straightener is precision equipment for achieving higher degree of flatness & larger thickness range for straightening.

    Each Straightening Rolls have a set of backup rolls for prevention of roll deflection. They normally  are used on High Speed Pressure and have variable drive with loop control.

    Optionally the Top Blank are openable for cleaning purpose.

    Two sets of Pinch Rolls are provided both at entry and exit for large pull at high speeds.

    The control panel with A.C. frequency variable drive would control the feeding at high speed with a proper loop.

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